How does the program work, how much time will it take?

The Mountain Fitness Training Program is based on scientific research and real world experimentation. Over the last 2 years I have been testing different methods to achieve, what I believe, is the best combination of endurance, strength and efficient training - all without taking away from current activities. Making it perfect to use during the ski/snowboard/hunting/splitboarding/hiking/etc. season.

Each training session will take no longer than 45 minutes. Some days will be as short as 30 minutes! The session starts with basic mobility drills to get prepped for movement. Then the main section is performed. This is a true HIIT workout, but with a lot more rest than you are probably used to. You will be going all out for short amount of time, then resting at least 3X longer (often up to 9X). This sounds weird, but it allows the body to fully recover between each movement, therefore benefiting the amount of effort you can put into the training. After the main part of the workout is done, you will do 2-3 sets of complementary movements. Meaning, movements that will positively add to the way your body moves and performs. Then you will stretch. All of this in 45 minutes or less.

You can do this training program 3, 4, or 5 days a week without taking away from your sport. It will not "crush" you or overtrain you. The goal is to spend less time training and more time outside!

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