Kettlebell Swing - Two Hand

Two Hand Kettlebell Swing

This is the basis for the beginner and intermediate variations on the Mountain Fitness Training program. The two arm swing is a great exercise that use the glutes, quads, core and lats at the same time. This makes a great full body conditioning exercise and is easy to master. Think of it as an explosive deadlift.

Set up - Stand a foot behind the kettlebell. Grab the bell with both hands. Try to "break" the bell in half. This will force your lats to engage. Next, hike the bell behind you, above your knees. As the bell is as far back as it will go, begin standing up forcefully and letting the bell trajectory go out in front of you. Hold onto the bell (no death grip!) and let it "float" up on it's natural arc path. Contract your core and quads to form what would look like a standing plank from the side. Force the bell back between your legs, again, above your knee. This will become more and more natural the more you practice it.

Do NOT go slow or allow the bell to "sag" at any time. This is quick and powerful motion. It is not an arm or lower back exercise.

Breath out powerfully on the "explosion" part of the swing (where the bell "launches" away from you. Tame the arc by keeping your lats engaged. Forcefully power the bell back towards you and above your knees. Enjoy!

The two hand swing generates a lot of power! I worked with Mike Dawson of PUSH Band NEXUS app while they were beta testing the NEXUS fitness tracking software.

The two hand swing was the king for generating power. I was able to constantly hit 1900 watts just swinging a bell (48kg). Hopefully that gives you an understanding of why I love to incorporate them in this training program.

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