Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat or One Leg Squat

The pistol squat is an impressive exercise that demands good proprioception, ankle mobility, total body awareness and strength.

To perform the pistol - firmly place your foot on the ground. Barefoot is best. Try to splay the toes and feel the ground. Breath in and lower yourself all the way to the ground. Pause for a second and exhale as you stand back up. Easy right?!

To work up to a pistol squat you can place objects beneath you. A chair, box or rocks and tree stumps work. Master that range of motion and keep working your way lower and lower. Using a counter balance like a kettlebell or backpack, can be helpful while learning the movement. I know, it sounds weird that adding weight will make it easier to do, but it does seem to work.

One trick that I learned is to keep you legs as close as possible and squat down as low as possible. This can help you gauge how mobile you are. Let your spine round a bit too. This is one time when it is ok to have flexion while squatting.

Give them a shot. Assisted at first, then with an object below you, then with counter balance, then all bodyweight!

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